Academic Priors Project: Data Dashboard

Hello. It looks like you haven't done our survey. Would you like to take part before we show you the data from our first wave of recruitment? The survey takes about 20 minutes.

If you have already done our survey but are seeing this message, then perhaps you have clicked on the anonymous link we included in your invitation email (in which case, go look for the personalised link in the email). Otherwise, perhaps we have had an error finding your data, in which case, please mail, along with the code that appears after 'mCode' in the URL for this page. In the meantime, you can explore the data - it's just that your own responses won't be highlighted.

If you received a personalised link to an earlier version of this visualization (e.g., one hosted at then you will probably be able to re-use your personalised code here, too. Just add "?mCode=" to this URL, followed by your personal anonymous code, which probably begins with an "m" (e.g., add "?mCode=m12345678" to the end of the URL). Please send an email to the above address if you need any help with that.

[Requires popups. If popups are blocked, please click here to do survey.]